Entah ko

I am frustrated with some people whom I call my friends. Feeling quite sad, to tell you the truth. I mean, have you ever felt that? That everyone hates you and the reason why you’re in their company is because they have to? Because they don’t know how to say no? Because they’re so scared of hurting your feelings?

Hah. See if I’ll ever sacrifice anything for you again. You watch.

That aside. Time for normal updates.

Mr. SBC called when I was working tonight! I don’t know if it was a pleasant surprise or otherwise. ;) Kidding. I’m going to watch the repeat of the 2nd round of the boys’ performances on American Idol. I’d accepted my colleague’s duty swap (I have to call it something, I don’t know what it’s really called), and had forgotten that AI was on tonight!


But worry not, SBC rang and told me he was disappointed that I haven’t got an AI review up on this blog yet. Ha ha. (Oh, look, he has already commented.)

Got to freshen up and head back downstairs to catch AI.

I’ll reply to those comments soon, yea? :)

Added: Okay, no, I’m catching the repeat tomorrow. Too tired. Have fun, and updates tomorrow!


2 responses to “Entah ko

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Boo, no Idol recap for another 12 hours or so. That sucks.

    Hang on, why am I obsessing about this recap? It’s not like I didn’t watch it. Weird.

    “I’m your greatest fan. I like you a lot.” Heh.


  2. It’s coming soon. :P

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