Crown glory

I’ve been meaning to get a new haircut since Friday, and today, I did! (No before and after shots, sorry. Hey, you can ask Maurina, though. She saw me with my old hairdo this morning, when I was in UBD for the Study At UBD thing.)


I got my fringe back, but this time it’s shorter and meaner. I’ve also got my layers (from yesteryears) back.

Guess what? I love it. :)


9 responses to “Crown glory

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    It’s the same! You totally got ripped off.

    Just saying.


  2. It isn’t!~ Bully!

    Like I said, no before and after pictures. Just after.

    Your blog better be updated if you comment on this post. :P

  3. Such a beautiful face :)

  4. Serial Blog Commenter


    What happened to the guys recap of Idols? I thought that this place was like hip and happening??? So disappointed.

    And also, about your haircut, Izzah says that I’m mean and jahat. But I was telling her that I feel that you totally got ripped off because I think my barber could do the same, and for $4 saja!

    Plus they’ll even shave your face if you want it and crack your bones. Siuk eh.

    Let me know if you’re up for it because I will need to make an appointment. He’s very sought after, especially since it’s Oscar season now.


  5. SBC, you have no sense of style.. helloooo 80s pop bands have better hair!

  6. Tinz daling, dont listen to the big bad bully. You’re gorgeous woman… I saw his lime pants and had the worse stomach flu ever

  7. SBC stop being so mean. It looks perfectly fine Tins. This SBC inda pandai liat orang sanang. BOO.

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  9. Mamalobengs, thank you! :D

    SBC, I know where you’re coming from. I think. Haha. It’s not the same as how it used to look like, you dolt. ;P And why would I want to shave my face! I’d rather thread it, thanks, even though it hurts like hell. Haha.

    Ka Ety, it takes more than a boy like SBC to make me think my hair looks the same and his barber can do the same for $4. Haha. Thanks, by the way. (Also, did you take a picture of him with his lime pants? Hehe.)

    Izzah, thank you~ :)

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