Just nonsense

Every time this household gets a little tense because someone’s stressed out, I have the mood to post. I love having to write about something else to divert my attention from just thinking about what’s the next step, or the next thing, to say to them. Anyway.

I was out to Frankie’s, and I quote, simple CNY lunch, midday today. Love the simple food, and the spicy sambal! Goodness gracious, that was some sambal. I never really get bothered about a little heat, but that was some HOT sambal. I had to ask Frankie for cold drinking water. And I rarely ask hosts to get me anything other than what they have to offer.

I then had to go early because I made plans with Izzah since last week. I was fifteen minutes early, then I decided to fill the car’s tank because I plan to get around a great deal around the district. (I ended up not having to.) I wanted to check if pay was out, but the ATM over at the TAIB petrol station was out of order, so I went to the Kiulap ATM

Never have I seen such a long line before! Well, I purposely avoided ATMs during the bonus period last month, so I wouldn’t know how it was then. Are Bruneians that in need of money after less than 30 days (give or take a few)? My parents are saving B$200 for the past few months because we don’t have a housekeeper yet, so that’s a good thing.

Oh, I know.. bills. I hate bills. I wish they would just disappear. But I know they won’t. Ever. Unless I lose them. In all seriousness, I’ve got a few to pay. My E-Speed2 bills have been piling up, so I’m thinking of paying my whole paycheck for this month to pay half of it. But then again, there’s my credit card. ISH!

So I said to myself, whatever, and didn’t get to check whether or not I’ve got my pay out. (I’ll update you tomorrow whether or not I’ve gone rich by a few hundred Bruneian dollars.) Met up with Izzah at Coffee Zone, and I realized that I missed her a lot. Am going to miss her more when she leaves. :(

I’m just waiting for the zip folder that contains pictures that Fendi wanted to completely be uploaded. Damn. 20KB down, 270KB to go.

Time for bed is the best time to avoid the people in this family.

Also, I’m somewhat happy that Jennifer Hudson won an Academy Award for best supporting actress, I don’t know why.


3 responses to “Just nonsense

  1. eih don’t let the bills pile up lah girl. it is a simple thing that can have disastrous effects.. anyway don’t you watch oprah’s debt diet editions?!

  2. It’s always more fun supporting the under-dog :)

  3. Maurina, inda dang, I kinda meant that I’ve got credit card bill to pay on top of my Internet bill. I meant to say, “but then again, there’s also my credit card bill.” And I did watch Oprah’s Debt Diet! Hehe.

    Sha, it is, isn’t it? :)

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