Appreciation & Farewell

You like the header? Haha, it’s a summary of the night of the appreciation dinner. They’re just three of my favourite pictures.

This post may take a while to load, so don’t forget to click the link to carry on! :)


The night started with a group photo session.


After the Al-Fatihah was read, Sel stepped up to the podium and gave a speech, as a Computing student representative. I gave a speech too as an Information Systems student representative, but I took this picture and the next picture, so no one took a picture of me giving the speech, just a video that I haven’t seen the daylights of yet.


This is Mul, reciting the doa selamat.


It was then time for dinner, for some of us. The rest of us, took pictures! (Standing from left to right: Sambrin, Zimas, Dr. Sophiana Chua Abdullah, Laila, Amalina, Mr. Au, Noreen, and Aiza. Sitting from left to right: Fendi, Sel, me [and my big hair], and Hikmah.)


The chocolate cake; my attempt at macro shots. LOL.


Some of us took pictures during dinner, others.. well, they sang.


So did our lecturers. This is sir Idham. His brother, sir Irwan — as you will see later — is also big karaoke enthusiast, haha.


This is one of my favourite pictures. I was going to take a picture with one of my lecturers, Mr. Frankie Looi, and he was fooling around and said, “Hey, I should look like your boyfriend, you know, because you always change boyfriends, no?” I played along and lifted the glass, but bailed at the last minute because I couldn’t take it. The end result? This very candid picture. Hehe.


This was after the dinner ended, and some started leaving, especially the lecturers, but we took the opportunity to take a few shots with some of them (again.)


This was our group’s SDP supervisor, sir Rudy. Those are not all his, hahaha. One of them is a lucky draw prize, and the others are souvenirs from the students to the lecturers. Ohh, and by the way, we are such computer geeks (there’s nothing wrong with this, of course), because you know why? Our lucky draw was computerized! LOL. Orang CIS tah banar.


From left: Farah, Fendi, Sel, Mr. Au, Mul, and me.


From left: Fendi, Sel, me, Ms. Wida, Mul, and Laila.


This is us. Sel dubbed us as The Awesome Four. We were always together because of our SDP (our final year project.)


From left: Laila, Sel, and me. Laila has asked Fendi to delete this picture, but obviously, he hasn’t. Haha.


Mul and Laila look normal, don’t they?


Not. They’re just another pair of insane system analysts. LOL.


Did I mention I had big hair that night? I did.


Adli, with hands on hips, being kicked by Fendi. One of our jobless pictures taken by the end of the night.


Another action picture. Haha.


Don’t mess with these people. Insanity is infectious.


Orang iski. LOL!


Here, have some leftover chocolate cake. LOL. Jobless, right? ;)


Sir Irwan with Noreen, singing that Jamal Abdillah and Siti Sarah song. Sandarkan Pada Kenangan, or something?




This last picture was taken in Mul’s room for the night, with us preparing everything beforehand. Yes, this was taken before the dinner. :P


I’m afraid that’s it for now. I haven’t got too many details to share, but the night was fabulous. I enjoyed it, and I will definitely miss being a part of CIS. (And we were told by our Head of Department that this was their first formal dinner that was organized for them! Woo! :D)


17 responses to “Appreciation & Farewell


  2. Nonnie, hehe, it’s much more fun than it looks, honest! :)

  3. Wahhhh you look so purrrrty~~~ Everyone is all dressed upppp. Hehehe siuk jua lucky draw kamu atu!!! Jual eh program nya arah wedding planner!

  4. My turn to steal some pictures for my blog… hehehe~

  5. On 2nd thought, e-mail me the original picture… The picture is too small~ :p

  6. Maurina, thank you!~ I don’t know if the program is for sale, but let’s hope the creator of the system is reading this. Haha.

    Eff, there are a lot of pictures, and they’re dark. I spent a long time editing these, so hopefully you’ve got some good shortcuts in your Photoshop both at home and at work. LOL. I’m sending them over after I’m done zipping them up in a jiffy.

  7. Iski jua banar aku atu? Haha.. Hey, I did took your picture when u did your speech but all of them are blur.. hehe.. We’ll just wait pictures from Haji Cameraman.. Can’t wait for those pictures and video

  8. Haha, you were thinking of something else while holding those balloons, weren’t you!? Haha. Anyway, I’d forgotten that you took them. I’m sort of scared that people would see how I am, giving a speech and all. I wish Haji Cameraman would hurry up. Is he a Haji, though? Hehe, aku ani ikut2 saja.

  9. Who did your makeup? You look gorgeous! ;)

  10. Oh, I went to Shahdon, but I ended up wiping most of it away. My makeup was what’s left of what he put on, and I slapped on my own lip gloss. Hehe.

  11. huhu…. nice… lecturersnya iski veraves… esp, sir Idham.. emo jua ya nyanyi atu… haha..

  12. Awu! I’m glad they had fun. I mean, they looked like they did. Hehe.

  13. Hey… I havent seen dat pic of mine.. Yg menyanyi. Haha!! Bah confession.. Lau ku nyanyi aku pigang org.. Ukan pigang mic. Haha!! Dats the truth. Oh! Aku link ur blog ne arh mine ah. Hehe. Havent seen u online 4 quite a while. Mana ko???

  14. Ratz! Ko memang suka pigang orang. ;) Haha, nada wah. Anyway, what’s your blog address, woman?!

    That’s right, I haven’t been online on MSN for quite a while now. I’m going through one of my phases again. It’s better for me to be offline than block a few people, they might take it personally.

  15. Eh burukness~ Main block org! Mia juz noticed dat one of our frens blocked her. Haha! Aku g punya pasal tu! Well I didnt noe dat she blocked her.. Yes its a she. Yatah Mia mental. Haha! Eh netbol bah! Nah my blog add. P kdg2 saja ku blog. Lau rajin. Hehe :p Ciao darlz

  16. Inda~ Aku inda block orang lagi, hahaha. Aku offline saja. BWOH! Bah maritah ku netball patang ani, becerita ko arah ku siapa. Haha. Aku add ko jua lah to my list of links~ Hehe.

    See you later!

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