The intake 20s


It’s either easy for you to find me, or it’s as tough as hell. My mom took longer than I expected, thinking that she gave birth to me and watched me grow before her very eyes and everything. But she took two minutes to spot her daughter.

Click here for a larger image, if you’re interested.

I’m going to get ready for a few things, one of them being the appreciation dinner, so I’m going to post a proper entry soon and reply to your comments sooner than that.

P.S.: To any girls yang terasa about the reporting to my boyfriend bit, it’s not you. (Ahem.) It’s for a boy.


12 responses to “The intake 20s

  1. i saw i saw! black tudong!

  2. One glance pun sudah tecari. *proud* Haha.

  3. CIS Rocks!!!! I wish I can make a wallpaper like this, but the thing is.. I can’t even call out all the names of my classmates!

    And, I don’t have their pics.

  4. Tarus nampak.. :)

  5. it took me 1 sec, but another two minutes to make sure i got the right person.. this montage reminds me of america’s next top model..

  6. Hahahaha, thanks, guys. I think my mom put so much effort into it, she overlooked me somewhat. Haha, kes menyamankan hati jua tu.

    Yatah the first time I looked at it, I saw me too! There’s no way anyone can miss that smile on my face and the way I take pictures. LOL.

    Nonnie, hear, hear! CIS rocks, indeed! We had a blast last night, so look out for the next post involving CIS lecturers singing their heart out during karaoke sessions. LOL.

    R&AL, ANTM? Hahaha, this is CISNTM. CIS’ Next Top Model! That’d be a LONG season. Or maybe kana eliminate ten at a time. Haha.

  7. Yup yup. Was very easy to spot you. :lol: Thing is.. si Mia nada kah?? I can’t seem to find her. lol.

  8. Nevermind.. the one in lime green tudong right? Heehee. batah mencari. Lain usulnya sana ah. :lol:

  9. Wah I feel so old now… I was part of CIS/2 in 1991 eheheh…

  10. Atul, hahaha, lain ia dulu atu ah? Barely recognizable.

    AnakBrunei, whoah, you were the second CIS intake? Cool!

  11. nice! Nie CHa nampak Nie Cha. huhu…

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