Meet Snowby. (Pronounced snow-bee.)


My uncle gave him to us because he heard the news that one of my sister’s cats wandered around outside the house and never came back. He was a small kitten (whose fur used to be whiter than how it looks in the picture) that never made a sound. He was the first feline that I was not scared of. First cat I’ve held! (I’m usually terrified of cats.) He was also first thought a girl. We named him Snowbelle. When we found out it was a he, we renamed him Snowby.

Almost all the animals we take in grow fat. Except for my sister’s pet turtles. It’s no surprise, though, all the cats do is sleep and eat. Snowby loves to sleep by the television. He rarely makes a sound, but when he does, it either means he wants to be pet or needs to go to the toilet. He literally goes to the toilet and ignores his sandbox. We didn’t even train him.

Out of all the cats that we have been keeping, Snowby is the laziest. His sleeping position is often that of a human being, though. Sometimes on his back, and other times, he uses a cushion/pillow. Like so.


He takes a bath twice every week, and if he gets really stinky, thrice. I never give him baths, though, I’m not really over my fear of cats. My dad does all the dirty work. Hehe.

My Snowby is a cute and adorable one. (When he is not dirty and smelly.)


8 responses to “Kitty

  1. Hellooo Snowbeeee!~ Hee~ He’s so cute!~ If he doesn’t use his sandbox then how does he dispose his waste. He uses the toilet kah? But how? Hehe mau lagi tau tu.

    You make me want to post about my cat pulang nah. But then he’s ugly. Hehe jahat. Sama jua disayangnya. Hee!

  2. macam essay kanak-kanak pasal my pet :D tekenangku lagu “Saya ada kucing, ekornya panjang~~~~ bulu warna puteh cantek berbelang~~” outtt aku ah but hensem eh kucing mu ah.

  3. WAHHHH!!! I adoreeeee lazy cats! hahahaha.. But the thing is, kalau aku memelihara kucing, selalu belureh yang active. Too much for me. Aku suka yang pemalas. Tidur-tidur. Hahaha. Yea, I’m a weird pet owner. Oh, I don’t have pets masani by the way. Hehehe.

  4. Tina thank you for the mp3 embedding thing. it worked out. heheh! take care!

  5. Yeay soo lawa n encem eh ur Meow ah..mind give it to me ;)

  6. War, hahaha, he doesn’t exactly uses the toilet bowl, but he’s getting there. Gambar saja your cat dari jauh. Snowby has trouble with his fur, poor thing.

    Tiq, saya ada kucing. Kucing saya bernama Snowby. Hahaha.

    Atul, hahaha, lain kali udah belurih kucing, antar kerumah kami supaya jadi pemalas. LOL. I never had pets before, except for fish. Atu pun when I was little.

    Jirin, you’re welcome! :D

    Potty, inda! LOL. He’s my first cat. Hehe.

  7. ENSEM lah kucing mu ani tinz. kucing ku pun ensem kan? ahhahahaha!! awu kiut kucing mu, mcm pemarah ala macho lah usulnya. malas lagi tu. once my mum marahi my pusaks for being really lazy and then soon after my pusak lampuh ran in the house with a biawak (digigitnya) and put in on the kitchen table where my mum was eating.

    mcm kan cakap.. “nah!!!! mana ada ku malas ah!” HEHEHE.

  8. Haha, thank you. He is now Mr. Stinky, he hasn’t had his bath yet. Blech. Anyway, awu, kucingmu pun lawa, bunal2. Haha. Kalau ia mengiau macam kucing bini, though. Yatah nya my mom, pundan kali. Haha, kurang asam.

    Hahaha, membawa biawak ani wah. My sister’s cat brought in burung pipit. Atu saja. Inda brapa creative kucing kami ani.

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