Six weird things

I’ve been tagged by Tiq!

“Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.”

I’m such a weird freak, I do not know where to start! LOL. (SBC, maybe you can contribute! Not that you know me much. Ha. :P)

  1. I have a scar from an operation to remove my appendix and it is half-visible because the doctor gave up on completely fixing the whole scar because I told him to “be gentle”. I was a kid and was scared of the hospital and everything the hospital staff was going to do anything to me, I always assume that it was going to hurt. I now think that the doctor was such an ass for quitting halfway. It looks weird now.
  2. I talk in my sleep all the time. I consider that weird.
  3. I love to doodle hearts whenever I’m bored.
  4. I think I know everything. (Is that weird?)
  5. I hate lined paper, except when I’m making lists. Sometimes even then I hate lined paper.
  6. I have a weird snigger.

Those aren’t even weird. Maybe I should add another one that says, it is weird that the things I just listed aren’t weird. All right, tag six friends. Let’s see. Di, Izzah, SBC, Nonnie, Ka Ety and Ka Zian.

Anyway! have this feature now..

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

..for all the Math geeks, as they say. That’s one of the things that I like about staying at The fact that it is maintained by people who created WordPress and they know what they’re doing. (And did I mention Matt was kind of cute in a geeky way? Oh, I did.)

Moving on. I was talking to my mom about what I should wear for the appreciation dinner for CIS graduating class of 2006 (oh God, that sounds so cool), because it’s formal and the theme is white and blue. Black and red would’ve been snazzier, but whatever floats their boat. (I’m thinking black and red because it’s the colours on our customized CIS shirts, and I’m thinking that it’s our official colour of sort, but maybe they’re sticking to official colours of ITB. Maybe.)

So yea, I already figured out what outfit to wear, white top, black pants and all.. and my mom suggested that I could use all sorts of blue accessories. I’ve already got a really nice, blue, beaded cuff. My mom suggested blue earrings, and that was fine. Then she said jokingly, “Maybe blue contacts?” (She knows I don’t like changing the colours of my body parts — not even my skin, I don’t use skin whiteners per se, but my current facial wash [bought by my mom] is. It’s Lancome, it’s supposed to be good. Ahuh.) So I retorted, “Ha. Ha. Maybe I should dye my hair blue!”

She doesn’t mind other people’s kids changing their hair colour, but she hates it when I even have the notion to. Like never. I like my black hair, thanks very much. I mean, it’s the way it is because I kept up with my dad’s coconut oil he kept putting in my hair when I was little. My hair used to be so black, it was literally metallic blue when under bright sun. It was just recently my hair colour changed a bit under the sun. (Why am I telling you this? LOL.)

I received a funny text message from a colleague.

“Hey Tin Tin, you’re evil. The biscuits nice but it’s going to make me fat and have pimples. Evil.”

I edited a bit, but it didn’t change the meaning to the whole text. It made me chuckle. I rarely receive text messages like this anymore.


9 responses to “Six weird things

  1. Oh, kana tagged. hate lined papers? Now that’s weird!

  2. I agree with Nonnie that is weird. The only weird thing in your list I think. Hehe.

    You do have the blackest hair and I believe you when you said it used to turn metallic blue. I had it for awhile back then. I don’t know what happened. Must’ve been the straightening treatment and whatnot. Ok we’re definitely weird talking about blue-black hair. ;)

  3. Nonnie, I’m going to have to see the results soon! :)

    War, haha, yes, chemicals have stripped our hair of its natural beauty. LOL. About the list; I know, right? I re-read my list and said, “These are not weird at all.” Oh well. I’m sure other people who know me much better would know my weird traits. ;)

  4. apa ni Tina? inda weird pun :P eksen ni~ malu kan gitau sebenarnya hehehe..

    btw, ingati saja KK atu pun sudah kami kan balik k? many many kisses from kami di Boro :D

  5. Tiq, hahaha, I have an idea how to put up six weird things about me. It’s still pending, not sure if I want to do it. LOL.

    Awu, asal kamu ingat bawa balik saja. ;)


  6. I don’t like lined paper either, except when it comes to writing notes for uni.

  7. eh. u going kah tina? I don’t. anti social freak. haha.

  8. Dee, oh, I thought I was the only one. Haha.

    Lating, YOU HAVE TO COME! Please? :P

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