Okay. What did I miss?

What is this? I stop updating for a few days and you stop visiting?! Kidding.

How’s everyone? I’m all right, just a little exhausted.

So.. did I miss anything big?

Update and comment replies soon!


16 responses to “Okay. What did I miss?

  1. Hi Tina… U just got home?? =) Welcome back.. How was the trip? Neway, did u start yr speech already, coz i haven’t started mine.. Lol…

  2. How was S’pore doll? I’m goin there tomorroowwww yeayyy.. inda bejumpa tani ah..

  3. adaa shopaholic n baby babe?

  4. Sel, awu, I just got back yesterday. It was not bad, actually. I haven’t started on my speech, but I promise, I’ll start on it as soon as I can. I haven’t had much thought on it until the last day of my trip, thinking about what I was supposed to do back home.

    Ka Ety, the usual Singapore, you know.. Same old, same old. :) Kalau tani bejumpa, I definitely cannot outwalk you to some shops, I’m a flat-footed whiner! Sakit kaki sikit, I stop and sit. LOL.

    Rosie, ada! It was so weird, I had to go to certain bookshops barutah ada. Alum semua ada wah. But I bought two for you, like you asked! :D

  5. What did you miss?

    You miss me~!


  6. Ai ada tia Shopaholic and Baby. Kalau tau bekirim ku hehe. Last week my sister S’pore alum ada heh. I visited your site daily even though you said you’ll be gone ’til 13th. Hehe. Anyway, welcome back. :)

  7. Serial Blog Commenter

    I’m waiting for you to say that you got me a shitload full of goodies from Singapore. Until you do, I refuse to comment here further. This is an exception so that you will know what it is that you need to do in order for me to come back here.

    *saccharine mode on* Yay, welcome back Tina. We missed you so much. Hope you had a great time in Singapore. And you are looking so damn fine in that profile pic of yours *saccharine mode off*


  8. Wah.. ada shopaholic and baby dah.. Inda ku sadar that it’s february dah.. hahahaha.. Welcome back babe. :smile:

  9. u always always always missed me. hee.. hope u had a lovely time :)

  10. Nonnie, hahaha, yes! I miss you! By the way, did I tell you that I think I saw your boyfriend Bobby on my flight back to Brunei? Hehe.

    War, awu, ada.. I read it on Nana’s post. You can convince Rosie onto selling one of her two copies to you. Thanks for visiting daily! I didn’t get to bring my laptop kesana, and the cyber cafes there charge a bomb! A dollar for 15 minutes! Imagine!

    SBC, how’d you like candy? Get yourself fat for your next diet regime. Hehe. And you keep on mentioning the profile picture. Maybe I should take it down or you’ll start hinting on it on one of your blog posts.

    Atul, yep, I’m quarter-way finishing the book already.

    Tiq, awu, aku rindu ko berabis. And I had a grand time, thanks! :D

  11. But he never went to Singapore wor. Guess you get the wrong guy :)

  12. Are you serious? Oh my God, but he looked exactly like him! Does he have a brother? LOL. I could’ve sworn that it was him. :O

  13. oh my god.. haha u actually bought TWO copies for myself?? i only neeed one lah haha.. when i said two..i meant one for me.. and one for you.. hehehehe

    bah c war mau beli satu???

    if there r no takers then its ok.. ill get both from you *hehe*

  14. LOL. It still makes me laugh. I can’t believe I misinterpreted your comment and didn’t clarify with you first. Haha.

  15. and you didnt even text me about the books! haha and uve been back for how many days actually?? *hmmmmm* :p

    i think if i didnt read the comment replies.. u might sell it off to d other girls… grrrr.. hehe

    it must’ve slipped ur mind kali babe ah…

    anyhoots.. thanks again for getting d novelS for me! *hugs n kisses*

  16. Lupa~ Haha, been busy. I haven’t properly unpacked yet, if you would believe. I’m helping my mom out with her biscuits, and to think that it’d end by the time Chinese New Year came and passed. (Well, it hasn’t, I just meant the first day, hehe.)

    I wasn’t thinking of selling to other girls, dearie, haha. And you’re welcome! :)

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