‘Til then!

The flight’s in a few hours’ time, will be leaving for the airport in an hour. Just done saying goodbyes to the boyfriend. Finished the last minute packing. Contact lens solution? Check. Toothbrush? Check.

LOL. Just had to do that overused checklist thing.

Will be gone until the 13th, don’t miss me too much.

Yea, right.



6 responses to “‘Til then!

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    You know that you are my *dearest* friend, right?

    And you look totally hot in that profile pic of yours. Erm, apa lage ah.. oh, you’re smart and beauty. All that a guy could ever ask for.

    You go and have fun in Singapore, Sexy Mama.

    p.s. I will be expecting something from you for all those compliments.

  2. Have a safe trip! :)

  3. hey.. quick question. how did you embed mp3 on your blog?

  4. Tiq, thanks! :D You looked you had done more shopping in Madrid than I did in Singapore! Haha.

    Nonnie, I went to Singapore. And I think I saw your boyfriend board the same plane back home as I was!

    SBC, ohhh. Now I’m sexy. Now I’m smart. I had fun in Singapore, all right, but your compliments came a few hours too late because I just read it once I got online after I arrived in Brunei. Haha.

    Sha, thanks! :D

    Jirin, on WordPress, it’s different, but if you want to embed something on BlogSpot, I recommend using LifeLogger because they give you the code to embed the song onto your blog. You’re going to have to upload the MP3 first, though.

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