Just saying.

I’ve never been so excited about a blog before. But this.. this is the long-awaited blog of the Serial Blog Commenter — Mr. Cowell. Not the real one, the Bruneian version. Anyway, I’m so excited, I decided to make me one of these for SBC!


Yes, everyone bitches about you. He just does it in your face.

(On another note, now that it’s okay, congratulations Izzah for the chance to meet Julian LDW! :D)


7 responses to “Just saying.

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    *clears throat*

    You do realise that ‘Just Saying’ is trademarked, ya? Which means that I’ll have to charge you for using it.

    And I totally resent what’s on the board. I don’t ‘bitch’ about others. I merely just say things hence just saying. Bitching is so evil and mean. It’s not me.

    Haha…. looks like you found us! Just remember people, if you read the blog, it belongs to Big Bird. Hunt her down and skin her, not me. I’m just someone on her payroll.


  2. Serial Blog Commenter, at least you’re not going to sue me. Which, I have no idea what the difference is because you’re asking me to pay jua. Anyway, I think I’ve used the wrong word, will have to think about it, and probably refer to a thesaurus to look for a kinder word that’s synonymous with bitch. Hehe.

    I am so going to promote your blog. It’s going to kick a few blogs’ asses, I just know it. If blogs have asses. But that’s not the point. You guys are going to be FAMOUS, TWINKLING STARS IN THE SKY, like it or not.

    Nyeh. :P

  3. wow that’s new.. bitchin is mean?
    blogging has never been the same again eversince sbc came into the scene. Well done!

  4. Yatah bah kan, ka? I never knew that. SBC isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone will be reading it!

  5. Serial Blog Commenter

    Hey all,

    I’m going to be *try* and be nice for the day because I want to see how that feels like. So no provoking me please. I’m feeling weird all over, is that supposed to be normal?

    I wrote about mudis today. Can you believe it? (totally plugging Big Bird’s blog). Hahaha.

    Laters all.

  6. Eh daleng.. I have not moved lah. The wordpress was made ageeesss ago. hhehehe M surprised you noticed.

  7. SBC, you’re trying to be nice? Please blog about how it went. I bet that’ll be your post of the month.

    Nana, hehe, oops! I didn’t read the date, so I didn’t realize that was ages ago! LOL. Malunya aku~ :$

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