I am terribly noisy when I drive. The noise you make when you’re cranky. Yes, somehow, I’m always cranky when I’m on the road. Well, nothing like road rage or anything, but good ‘ol crankiness in the morning when you mutter things that make half sense.

So yea, I’m noisy. Every time someone drives slow on the right lane of the highway, I go, “Okay, there was a reason the left lane was invented!!” Or even when I give way to people crossing the road, I will say to no one in particular, “By today please!!”

And I’m not even in a rush.

One of my pet peeves on the road is when I’m going straight, and then someone takes a chance when getting out from a nearby junction.. and then slow down. I will yell in the car, “MMMBAH. Kalau kan lambat kenapatah disampatiii???” (Roughly translated to, “Ooookay. If you wanted to drive slow, why’d you chance it???”)

Yes, I do it even when there is people in the car. I do it even when I’m engaged in a conversation. My attention would divert for a bit to mutter some nonsense about a slow driver, and then get back to the conversation.

My cousin, Liz, once raised her voice at me and said, “Eh, udah tah bah. Inda ia kedangaran bah tu! Ngalih saja ku mendangar.” (“You might as well stop. They can’t hear you! I’m getting tired of listening to you.”)

Hahaha. I found it funny. That was actually the time when I realized I talk when I drive.

Trivia: I once read that Michelle Branch talks to herself when she drives too.


5 responses to “Drive

  1. I talk to myself when I drive too… Mostly complaining plang. Like

    – CILAKA, NO SIGNAL LIGHT, (continue with a string of swearing)

    – IDIOT! Don’t even know how to park. Go back to your (driving) school lah

    – Don’t come out. Don’t come out. DON’T COME OUT!!! (When I’m driving fast and the stupid car still wanna go to my lane)


  2. Sameeee….it irritate d hell out of my mum hehe…..

  3. I’d be the one to tell you guys off. They can’t hear you, sakit telingaku saja, shut up! Hahaha. ;P Of course I wouldn’t actually really say that. Boon sometimes makes so much noise and I just tolerate it mutely. Hehehe. :P

  4. Nonnie, hahaha, yes, I hate it when people don’t use their indicators when turning. I do the “Why no parking??!” line all the time. Though it’s more in Malay, like, “EIH! Kenapakan nada parking aniiiii??” Because when I say it in Malay, it has more of aggravation in the intonation. Haha.

    Rosie, when you were driving yesterday, you weren’t so much.. Noisy, I mean. You still concentrated on the conversation. Hehe. :)

    War, hehe. :$ You won’t ride with me then, because I’d annoy the hell out of you! Haha.

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