Bad day

Of all days to have a bad day at work, it has to be today. The day when I was going to play all of your songs. Today.

The show started off well, but I felt kusut after that.

Whatever. Back to work.


4 responses to “Bad day

  1. yesterday was a really bad day at work for me too >=(

  2. *hugs* It’s bad enough we have to work.. why does bad days have to happen at work? Ish.

  3. would it cheer you up a little if I said.. I stayed up after my Subuh prayers today (6ish am haha) just to hear you doing your ‘stuff’ on the radio? Hehehehe ;) Thanks for playing OUR songs!

  4. Aww, thanks. I just felt it was really messy. And when I start, I go all kusut about it. But thanks for tuning in! :)

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