How would you stand abuse in a relationship? All sorts of abuse.. I never knew anyone who’s in an abusive relationship before, but recently, one has come to light. To know the sordid details about it, it hurts. Knowing that a woman is in pain because of her boyfriend’s words and not being able to let go.. is painful to leave it alone.

In the past, I’ve never been fully aware of how abuse affects you. You might not be in one, but your friends and family might be. And knowing this fact, doesn’t it make you want to hit the guy in the head? I wish there was something that can be done. Are there any help groups in Brunei?


4 responses to “Abuse

  1. Ouch. All in the past now. Phew!

  2. Did you also have someone you know being in an abusive relationship? Or were you in one?

  3. Unfortunately, I was in one. :( I was too stupid and naive then. I didn’t tell anyone about it when it was happening. After my friends knew they say they want to slap him if they ever see him. *shrugs* What’s past is past. I have found someone who treats me with respect and he doesn’t seem like he’ll ever do anything abusive (since I’ve experienced it I should know). Only God knows how grateful I am to be with Boon. The effects? It makes me really appreciate my relationship with Boon. Sometimes I do feel like I’m in denial ’cause there must be a major scar somewhere. I guess that’s why I’m still having nightmares. I’ve always wanted to blog about this just to let it out but I just have never gotten to it.

  4. *hugs* At least we all know how strong you were for taking that step to leave him. I’m so sorry that you have to go through all of it, but everything happens for a reason, right? I know someone who’s gone through traumatic experiences, and usually it takes toll on him without him knowing. Subconsciously, if I may add.


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