I was just leaving a comment on someone’s blog.. and I reviewed my Blogger profile, to see if I need to update a few things. Then I saw this:


I was a Blogger member since 2002?! That’s nearly five years! And I remembered that I had LiveJournal before this, and before everything else, I started everything as a website. I think I started out early (to mid) 2000.. Oh my GOD. I’m old. Haven’t got proper archives because I keep on moving from one place to another, changing the weblog’s name from time to time.

I remembered Reignfire! I bet he’s blogged for ages. Iman, too. She was one of the best writers/bloggers there were then. I heard she blogs still, but on friends-only LJ.

Why did I ever start blogging? The answer to this seems a little fuzzy to me. But I know it had Dhil in it somewhere. At that time, I sort of feel that only a couple of people were in the Brunei blogging scene. I remembered there was also Sha, Naz, Livie.. Who else? Stephanie! Did I miss anyone out?

Then there was Una, Syaz (with her famous PYNK.NET back then ;)).. then everything just start mushrooming like mad!

No one can keep track of everyone else’s blogs these days. But back then, it was definitely fun. And nothing like the popularity contest that it is now, as I can see on some blogs. (Note: some.)


2 responses to “Oops

  1. It’s true, blogs are mushrooming like mad. I remembered you as one of the first blogs I read back in 2003. Hehe! Yours and Sub Rosa’s (suitechic) :)

  2. Haha, at least someone remembers me. I don’t usually leave an impression on people’s minds. :)

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