Was at Izzah’s today to attend Ka Zian’s baking thingamajiggy. Bake ‘n shake, was it, Ka Ety? Heehee. Had major fun, we were joined by Al as well. I have to say, that was some fest we had. Tons of fun making the icing to Ka Zian’s fairy cakes. Imagine. Gothic colours to top the fairy cakes. Dark purple and an attempt to make baby blue to no avail. Ka Zian’s icing colour was okay, she had baby pink.

Hopefully Ka Ety’s uploading the pictures soon so I’ll have a really nicely pictured post.

For now, I’ll say: I need to watch Ugly Betty and the latest episode to the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.


So here’s the picture of the fairy cakes with the ‘gothic’ icing. Hehe. My icing mixture was the blue one. Ka Ety’s was purple. And we all know who had baby pink. Nyeh.


Picture taken from Ka Ety’s, and I edited it. Hee.



7 responses to “Icing

  1. I want ti watch Ugly Betty! But I ahve to wait for ages for it to be shown here :(

  2. I’ve watched the first two episodes of it, just tiny bits of it. Going to leech it off of someone soon. Hehe. It hasn’t played on cable here, though..

    “latest episode to third season..”

    … LATEST?!
    ……… LATEST?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    but whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. isnt it too soon?

  4. Pics coming up shortly daling. Thank you for coming and helping us making the cupcakes gothic, hehe, you and I alike!

    Nanti lagi we do an Ugly Betty Marathon ah.. siokkk aku menyuruh c Al burn kan dlm CDs… hmmmmm watcha doin next week?

  5. Nees, yea, latest episode of the third season of Grey’s.. As in, possibly the 11th/12th episode? Haven’t most television series taken themselves off hiatus recently?

    Ka Ety! You can just send them over to me, if you want, hehe. If we do Ugly Betty marathon, Mu’zim would get front seats! Hehe. I’m not doing anything next week, as usual, the life of a bum.. what do you have in mind? Hehe. :D

  6. Aku liat Ugly Betty sudah. Liat liat… =D

  7. Siuk berabis? Hehe.

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