Audio embed on has finally got its own feature to embed audio, so here I am, trying to post one up.

[edit] I changed it to Stand Still, Look Pretty by The Wreckers. [/edit]

If you’re not too lazy, read this, then you would know how to embed audio. I’ve been having extra time lately, d’oh, and so I’m reading up on some extra things. Hehe.

Not so excited about embedding videos, because I can just put up a YouTube video. Which reminds me! Ka Ety’s post on his son praying (and adorably falling asleep while sujud) wanted me to post this.

Cute, right? He’s “praying”. Hehe.


3 responses to “Audio embed on

  1. aii kooolll!!!! atu bah everytime I try to post youtube on my site I can’t, the help pages cakap do this: tapi it really doesn’t work on mine. kenapa ya tu tinz ah??

  2. Cana boleh ah? Hmm.. It was exactly like this ? What version of WordPress are you using? Pasalnya lain kan.. I don’t know if it’s the same with individual WordPress these days..

  3. I don’t understand. I read all of this but there are no instructions or links that I can see to show me how to embed audio. I am a musician trying to sell tracks, so this would be helpful.

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