We built this city on rock and roll

Can’t really feel both my index fingers and thumbs as a result of peeling cloves of garlic and onions. I was peeling them while watching reruns of the Seattle audition of American Idol. Now I know who it was, Jordin Sparks! Got to like her. And also the last guy to audition on the first day, the one who sang Open Arms and Simon Cowell said “It’s a no” straightaway. What was his name?

Ahh. Shameless AI fan. Haha.

Anyway, work was great today, even though there weren’t as many callers or messages. I felt like I was on my own, in my own world. It’s a feeling that not many can experience. Hehe. (Oh, I’m going to create a few nefarious thoughts in some people’s minds now. Thanks Al for teaching me that word, am I using it right? Heehee.)

I haven’t got much to post today, but a mere thought that someone said it was so uncharacteristic of me: how would it look if a girl of my height — 5’3″ — hug a guy so tall?

Uncharacteristic, really? What are my characteristics, I wonder? Enlighten me, dear readers. Both good and bad. Make my comment space more happening!

(Thanks for dropping by, to both my regular readers and new ones. :))


7 responses to “We built this city on rock and roll

  1. My boyfriend’s over a foot taller than me. When I hug him, my head rests at his chest – I like it. :)

  2. i’m 5’2 so every guy i’ve ever dated has been taller than me hehe but i like tall guys so its okay :D

  3. Hi Tina,

    It is I, the serial blog commenter… apakan tu. Tee-hee.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the warm welcome. I feel right at home here. I’m going to clue you in on something BIG since you’re so nice (I know, I’m totally going to meet Lucifer for lying). Like totally huge. Larger than huge which is … erm, gigantic-normous. Do yourself a favour and watch Ugly Betty. It is easily the funniest new show EVER. If you like Grey’s, which I know you do, you’ll love Ugly Betty.

    I shall be back to comment more but it’s 2 in the morning now and my brain’s toast. Served with baked beans on the side. Niceeeee.

    Oh, just to rub it in, I’m 5’9. Na Na Na Na! :P


  4. Di, haha, I like tall guys too. :)

    Al, and when you say “serial blog commenter”, I know for a fact it’s not leaving comments on blogs, hahaha. ;) Did anyone ever tell you to start your own blog?

    Where can I get Ugly Betty? I haven’t seen it around anywhere. It’s adapted from the Spanish show, right? Betty La Fea or something?

    5’9″? How come you look shorter? Hehe, kidding!

  5. Tina,

    This is your lucky day.

    For sale: Up-to-the-current-episode of Ugly Betty.
    Cost: erm, let me get back to you on that one. Hahaha…

    I would have said FREE OF CHARGE if it weren’t for your cheeky comment about my height. However, fortunately for you, I shall be the bigger person and will let that slide off my back. Jealousy does tend to make people think others are shorter than they really are. Take THAT!

    It’s official, I”m a serial blog commenter. I’m gonna hop over to Bum’s (minus the perfect) after this to see what I can comment. You know lah, we is the very sad.

    Maybe you can set up a blog for me? Like have my favourite wallpaper on. Correct font. Size. Music. Just a thought.

  6. Hahaha, do you want to have a good archive, unlike some newspaper website that we all know of, or something that just looks good with your favourite background on? You see, I kind of do this for a living, so you have to pay me to set up a blog for you. I have to go through serious phases of some unnamed life cycle, so it’s strenuous work. LOL. The cost of it is: up-to-the-current-episode of Ugly Betty.

    What you’re going to do with the blog is unthinkable. Create some sparks in the local blogosphere. That’ll be interesting. I’ll be one of the first to link you!

    Bum — I mean Ka Zian — can help me set up your blog! Hehe.

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