Go away

I definitely think he is just lovely. He’s like Wentworth Miller of Korea. LOL. I like him more than Wentworth, me thinks. His first (and only, I think) sarang ha yo was the sweetest! I love, love, love, LOVE that scene from My Girl.

Anyway, American Idol 6 auditions were nothing less than funny, and I’m already keeping an eye out for potential stars. Seattle’s sixteen year-old Jordin wasn’t bad, was she? And Minnesotta’s Matt made me cry when he was on the phone with his mom. Aww.

Anyway, getting my blood a little boiled here (with something I’m obviously not telling), but keeping it under wraps. Let’s just share a little something else, like.. a chat log.

Former classmate says:
u? trouble talking? :P

Self-proclaimed retro says:
ha. funny.

Self-proclaimed retro says:
look. im rolling on the floor. laughing.

Self-proclaimed retro says:

Self-proclaimed retro says:

I’m thinking that my sarcasm presents itself whenever I am provoked.


6 responses to “Go away

  1. Yo Tina,

    I definitely ain’t no Cowell. He’s got nuthin on me.

    And for the record, I blog hop. So every now and then, I drop by yours. No need to be cowering in the corner because I 101% whole-heartedly agree with you and your naming? shaming? of Big Bird. Lest we forget, that Zian, who admitted herself, that she is a bum. *Note that I dropped the perfect because let’s face it.. Zian and perfect just don’t belong together in a sentence. EVER.*

    Alrighty then. I’m off to my nefarious activities now.

  2. tsk tsk alum cukup padas tu sarcasm mu atu. u gotta learn from the best.

    and for the record too, i don’t mind naming? shaming? (quote from Mr Cowell himself) myself as long as no one does it to me. Haha!


    OOooOoOooOo ‘nefarious’! Got that from which thesaurus tu? Tee-Hee-Hee.

  3. Tina,

    My deepest apology for hijacking your blog’s comment but something must be said i.e. I do not use a thesaurus, Ms. az.i.an. Jealousy much?

    And what’s with the contradiction? First, you claim that I gotta learn from the best only to use me as your reference for your ‘quote’ and attribute that to Mr. Cowell? Well, well, well… aren’t we a walking Queen of Contradiction?

    Aiyoooohhhh, why you so like that one? Snout you like. People use proper english you scream thesaurus.

  4. Al, hahaha, reminds me of American Idol yesterday, and I quote, “pinyin’s got na’in on me”. Roughly translated as “Your opinion’s got nothing on me.”

    Nefarious. Huh. I had to have a dictionary tell me what it means. LOL. Oh no. Am I not smart enough for the Brunei blogosphere? You can comment on whatever topic you want, it makes my blog seem more lively when it’s really not. Haha.

    Ka Zian, well, what kind of name would you like? I’m just really good at name-coding people. Really. And besides, Big Bird used to be my favourite from Sesame Street, hahaha.

    I should edit this comment and use a thesaurus to make me sound intelligent.

  5. Tina;

    My humblest apologies on ‘flooding’ your blog but explanations are due before someone bursts his inflatable ego.


    Stop being delusional. That ‘learn from the best’ thingie was for Tina. Hence, there is a seperate paragraph especially for you. Ok? Ada paham?


  6. Ka, it’s okay, it’s not flooding, I feel that it’s a bit more meriah now. Shows how sadly pathetic I am with this blogging business. Haha. And to think I’ve been doing this for more than 6 years now. Heh.

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