All sorts of bunnies

It’s tonight! I’m excited! Over-rated? Pfft, they should axe Akademi Fantasia first. Over-edited? Don’t mind, we all edit and omit things we don’t like. Over-everything? Who cares? It’s American Idol!

I don’t know why I didn’t quite follow Malaysian or Singaporean Idol, but American Idol appealed to me more. I tried watching them, but American Idol is still the number one “reality” TV show for me. That and Amazing Race. (Which, I must say, I’m definitely looking forward to Amazing Race All-Stars!!)

I am a very excited bunny.

Anyway, speaking of me being a happy bunny in my last post, I was called up for a job interview as an IT trainer/teacher that I didn’t apply for. Actually, I didn’t apply for any job at all and for a woman to call me and tell me about a job interview to attend, I was shocked. And then I was secretly pleased as I watch my mom get all excited about it. My dad, on the other hand, was a little worried, he gave me tips like, get there early, or read these surahs.. Stuff like that.

The interview was this morning. I don’t know how it went, really. I can’t say it went good nor bad. It was.. okay. The interviewer said that it was just a preliminary interview, and I would be called if I’m short-listed. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if I don’t get it. But if I do, then alhamdulillah, it is my rezeki. (On a different note, someone I once knew was working there. Eek.)

[Now. On to my next agenda. ;)]

I had lunch with my two friends whom I’ve grown close to, Sel and Muliadi, as we tried to tie loose ends at school and our previous placement office at the Prime Minister’s Office. We’ve finally got our testimonial from PMO, after a year of waiting. I have to say, it looks real good in my folder. Definitely worth the wait. :)

(Big possibility that I will update again later after AI6 — watch this space!)


4 responses to “All sorts of bunnies

  1. Hi Tina!! Congratulation on your first interview.It was good to know that you guys had been called for the interview.I wonder how many are there been called?Is Sel and Muliadi included?Tell me the good news if you guys got the job ok :) Im just too excited of the upcoming graduation day where all of us are going to wear the robes…yea!!!

    Catch up with you again later…Keep in touch!!!

  2. Shimmy! :D Thanks so much.. A lot of us were called up for it. I was just discussing interview questions with Mia, Farah and Ratna earlier on when I played netball with them.

    We’re going to look good in our robes!! Many photo opportunities there!


  3. Congrats, the first interview is always the most nerve-wrecking hehe :)

  4. Haha, you’re right on that one, Sha! I didn’t even know that I was supposed to ask the interviewer a few things to make me look better. (Or so I was told.)

    Thanks, by the way. :)

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