Lagoon 5306

Four of my best girls and I paid dutch to check in to the Lagoon at Empire Hotel on Saturday. Ka Zian, Liz, Qil, Amani, Don, Amni, and Farid also tagged along and hung out for a bit. I have lots and lots and lots of pictures, but I’ll share only a portion. To the rest of the girls who we love and miss — but are currently in the UK, studying (Boo!) — especially Amalina, Tiq, Yusrina and Saleha, you girls should have been here. Miss you!

Okay, so let me narrate a few pictures. Excuse the excess vanity, okay? Good. Let’s start.


Okay, first picture of the day, Liz and I were tampering around with Zawanah’s digital camera that was supposedly lying around. (I think Liz and I couldn’t help but notice an unused camera.)


Now, these girls were having a little heart-to-heart that I couldn’t resist but capture the moment. ;)


We then played Taboo, that we didn’t have pictures of, but this was after-effects of Taboo. Qil was practicing her describing abilities with Liz (not in the picture) and Izzah. This was already nighttime, if I remember correctly.


This lady here with me is little Miss Zawanah, the Innocent. She talks softly, but she is a good gossip. She blames me for turning her so devilish. Hahaha. ;)


We had a Japanese dinner at Excapade restaurant in Gadong (the best out of all the Japanese restaurants that I’ve tried locally), and in this picture are Farid, Amni, Amani and Don.


When the four of them (in the previous picture) left, I moved from Ka Zian’s side to Izzah’s side to take this picture. Let’s start from big bird, hehehe. Izzah, me, Hamizah, Zawanah and Salwana. Four of my own best girls! Mwah! :D


This is big bird and me! :D Jangan marah, Zah. I love the headband that I was wearing that Saturday; Maurina showed it to me and how adorable it was weeks ago (was it weeks ago?) in a shop at The Mall, and I’d decided that I wanted to try it out. I ended up liking it a lot. Hee. :)

BREAK! So we had some night activities, and we took loads of pictures, but I’m not going to show it to you (maybe never), so let’s just fast forward to the next morning, SUNDAY MORNING! (No Doubt’s song just played in my mind. How I wish I was working, so that I’ll have a song break for you guys. Heh. I’m a freak like that. :P)


This is Hamizah, the sidekick to Miss Innocent. I think this was taken early morning at the small but cozy balcony, but I don’t know what she was doing.


All of us then took a walk to the beach at nearly 10AM in the morning because Zawanah woke up early — before 7AM! — and I heard the shower running at 7.10AM, as I was checking for the time on my mobile phone. This was on our way to the beach, obviously. And that’s Izzah being.. touristy. Hehe.


The sand spit we stopped at before going on for our short walk. We took a picture here, but it would be redundant, and I would bore you people with images of my face. :P


HA! Yeah, right. This is us, getting wee bit hot and bothered because the sun was beating down on us like there was no tomorrow. I could’ve sworn I had other images of this ‘rest’ we had. Hmm. Never mind! Let’s move on.


Haha, Izzah and I pointed out the bananas, and this was a definite photo op. From left is Hamizah, Zawanah and Salwana. Izzah is the one who was in white, looking up to the bananas, for God knows what reason. ;)


So we walked back to our room, and we got locked out. We couldn’t open the door to our room. I think they had forgotten that we had a very long check-out time extension. This picture was taken when Hamizah and Izzah went to the reception to get it all settled. We were definitely tired. And burnt. I was, anyway.


Ka Zian came after our walk and halfway through our lunch, and there she is! In black, on the bed, watching Desperate Housewives on Star World. After DH, Grey’s Anatomy was playing. You know, the non-episode between the end of the second season and the beginning of the third? I made them watch it, and Izzah fell in love with it. The problem was, she wanted to watch from season 3! Haha. I recommended watching from season 1, but hey! Season 3 it is then. Hehe.


LOL. I might embarrass my girls with this picture, but I just have to put it up. I couldn’t smile my usual smile because the pore strip (thingy) was halfway dry. I definitely have to have this one developed and framed. Hahaha.


Or maybe I should develop and frame this one instead. Hehe.


This is a picture of our dessert, Hazelnut Crunchy, I think it’s called. This cake is sinfully sweet and I quote Ka Zian, we gained 5 kilos just by eating a slice of that. If it’s the time of the month, I’m sure a slice of this baby will hit the spot.


Oh, I love this picture. We initially didn’t have a cake knife to cut it into slices, and Ka Zian came up with this silver spoon for us to cut the cake with. LOL. Okay, the bottom most hand is Izzah’s, and the darkest one on top of it is mine, then Zawanah’s (the ringed hand), then Salwana’s, and the top most hand is Hamizah’s. This looks brilliant when it’s a larger size, but I’ll keep it for next time. I have it on my laptop’s wallpaper, and Ka Zian said, “That is so gay.” ROFL. I love Ka Zian, she’s funny.


So I’m sure that you’d be a little bit curious to what happened after the spoon hit the cake, right? Here. Have some idea on how the cake looked like. Haha. (See the insides? That’s chocolate/hazelnut mousse with crunchy base. Heaven on a round, silver-coated cardboard platter.)

That’s all, folks. For the crucial bits. Here’s my attempt at something. I don’t even want to call it photography. Haha.



14 responses to “Lagoon 5306

  1. eeeee grenti u guys had a blast! one inch pun aku tak jeles…….not! :p phewitttt my Moleyyyyy~ looking pretttyyyy :D rindu eh.

  2. thks for thinking me as ‘funny’. i will take that as a compliment. however i will be more flattered if i were to described as the queen of sarcasm. haha.

    sheesh i look like a perfect bum.

    loves yous toos, tins.

  3. Tiq: We had fun, berabis! Aku rindu kamu pun. Bila balik? Hehe.

    Ka Zian, it is a compliment! Hehe. Christina Yang is the Queen of Sarcasm, Ka, banar! You should watch Grey’s Anatomy and see what I mean. Hehe. And don’t we like being bums? Hehehe.

  4. You girls continued to have fun without us. That is against the rules, mwahaha. Kidding! Anyhoots, yes Christina Yang is the queen of sarcasm, alright. Huhu.

  5. Hehe, Manz, can’t help ourselves. ;)

  6. Aku mau tpon kamu masa hari atu but then it was already 5am Brunei time so I decided to give you girls a ring in the morning. Unfoooortunatelyyy…… aku terlupa because ada masalah2 yg tidak dapat d elakkan. Hehehe. Anyway, Im sure everyone had a blast and one important thing… KAMU TINGGALKAN KAMI. HMPH!


  7. Me: Tony Blair is a…?
    Amz: President!

    LOL!!! Gosh, the things she comes up with. RFOL!!

  8. Tina, the headband looks great on you. :) Nice girlie pics, btw. ;)

  9. Mal, aiii, you should’ve called, we could have shouted our hi’s and hello’s over the phone! I hope the “masalah2” has been resolved now.. Kami atu.. sebenarnya.. memang kan meninggalkan kamu! Hahaha, nada bah. If only you guys were here, lagi siuk tu!

    Manz, hahahahaha, adakah PRESIDENT! That’s what makes Taboo with Amni fun, she always comes up with the silliest things!

    War, thank you! :D

  10. I get it! I was like, why is Amni’s ‘president’ answer funny? Bimbo aku ah. I should be friends with Amni haha. From your posts its obvious she’s funny without intending to be funny. Hehe.

  11. War, haha, have you ever played Taboo? It’s so much fun! Lots and lots of blonde moments, and it definitely tries your describing skills. Which I’m bad at. Haha. Anyway, Amni is really funny when she doesn’t try. (Hehe, jangan marah, Amz. ;))

  12. heyyy tina. sorry lambat. jantah tanya bila kami balik, krg hi hopes, sedih saja :( inda kami balikkkkk nieeeeeeeeee. kamu inda invite. datang/inda datang lain ceta. yang penting tanya :p hehehe mwah!

  13. Hahahaha, imagine saja kami cakap cani arah kamu, “Bah, join us, check in sama kami this weekend. Jangantah ingau tu the delay in your flight kah, apa kah, ada lecture kah.. We’ll be here until Sunday.”

    Next time lagi, inshaAllah. Tagih2 saja. xoxo!

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