I wish I had done it sooner: Clear Type rocks!

Remember this, and how I said I was content? Right after I published it (and edited the post once), my laptop was acting up. The MS-DOS window popped up on its own, my Firefox browser couldn’t open unless I re-install it, my Spyware Doctor program kept on popping up notices of some unregistered program running, and my anti-virus never ceased to let me know that there are threats inside (somewhere.)

I couldn’t believe it. My two-year-old laptop was dying on me. Last night, it really did die. Poor thing.

So I brought it to the shops today, fixed it for B$40, and picked it up 15 minutes before closing time. I wonder why that shop closes at 6PM. Why can’t it be 8? Nyeh. Anyway, so here it is.. I’m back online. And I’ve got Service Pack 2 installed. (Yea, back then I was on Service Pack 1.) Everything is faster than usual, and I’m glad it is. I’ve also got Clear Type! I’ve always wanted Clear Type, I don’t quite know why. But yea.

It gets me a bit cross-eyed when words are in bold, but whatever. I like it nonetheless.

After my trip in February, I’m going to save up for a new laptop. Maybe a Mac. A big, colossal maybe.


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