I’ve been feeling a little better, thank you for the well-wishes in my previous post. My sore throat is still there, but nothing that plenty of liquids won’t cure.

I was fine when I went to work on Friday — with dizziness that I can handle, but my mom had my dad drive me down to Bandar — but I think spending three hours in the freezing studio didn’t do me any good. My triple-layered clothing did not do any justice either. I guess I really love my job, I had forgotten that I was feeling under the weather after the first half hour of the show. It’s just the waking up to get down to Bandar that’s really getting to me.

So with my condition, I had to cancel all my plans to go out that day, including with her — so sorry! I took some more Panda Dolls and went to sleep like a baby.

My whole family went over to my grandparents’ for the afternoon, and my mom didn’t want me to stay alone, so I went and stayed with Liz at her house. I bought Saw and Saw 2 earlier in the week, since Liz, Qil and I watched Saw 3 at the Empire cinema and loved it, I decided we could watch the first and second installment. Things fall into pieces and I fell in love with the trilogy.

A good scream and adrenaline rush could really cure someone with a fever. But anyway, to love the Saw trilogy, I’m thinking, is to watch Saw 3 first. Or, keep watching Saw and Saw 2, even if you’re confused or couldn’t be bothered. They were all sick movies, all three of them, but I loved how everything fell into place. Very clever.

Enough about the trilogy. What are you looking forward to in 2007? I’ve got a few things in mind, particularly my trip to Singapore with my family and Liz’s (and Qil) in February. I’m really looking forward to spend 5 days with them. It’s going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait.

What else am I looking forward to? MRS — Malam Rumpun Sebaya — something I have a little idea about. Every year, the graduating seniors are thrown a little dinner thing with a theme by the juniors. Fuzzy details, I know, but I’ll blog about it once it comes along in March.

And, looming closer and closer, it’s graduation itself in May. Graduating with my friends and planning to take studio pictures in our robes. That’ll be so exciting! It’s the best birthday gift for 2007.

Enough, enough.. I have to go and do chores.

Replies to comments coming soon. :P


4 responses to “Emerald

  1. Oh! MRS Night! For my batch, we’re asked to dressed in traditional costume. But everyone ended up wearing Baju cara Melayu.

    Hehe, I wore cheongsam! But I didn’t win. Cheh.

  2. Ahh Miss King in a cheongsam! I’d like to see that! Hehe. I wonder what will be the theme this year. Hmm.

  3. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… *hugs* windunyeeee… hehe.
    weh, walaupun udah abis jan jua lupa org yang masih memaloi di ITB ah. erm, me?! huhu

  4. *hugs lating back* Are you guys back in school already? InshaAllah, I’ll try to come by. No promises! :D

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