Amway distributors

This is the funniest web comic strip I have ever read. Why? Because it is so true. LOL.

(I’ll put up the strip in here once I get clearance from the copyright owner.)

Moving on.. I’m feeling quite content at the moment. I’m doing some SuDoku puzzles (nothing too stressful) and listening to some easy-listening music. Very nice for those in need of mellow music. Here are the tracks:

  1. The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore – James Morrisson
  2. Undiscovered – James Morrisson
  3. Stand Still, Look Pretty * – The Wreckers
  4. Illegal – Shakira featuring Carlos Santana
  5. Taller, Stronger, Better – Guy Sebastian
  6. Misery ** – The Moffatts

* Highly recommended by me.
** Songs more than 5 years old never go wrong.


5 responses to “Amway distributors

  1. Hah! I love Misery! hahha. You are right, old songs are the best!

  2. i just got that song by the wreckers.. i love it..

  3. Hey gorgeous, sapa that Indon guy yang nyanyi the new rendition of SAKURA??? .. heheh..

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  5. Sha, hahaha, it was a good song while The Moffatts lasted. It wasn’t their last song, though, was it? Was it Raining In My Mind? Did that get released as a single? LOL.

    R&AL, it’s lovely, isn’t it? :) Especially the “stand still, look pretty” bit.

    Mamalobengs, hi there, fabulous! :D I’m not that familiar with Indonesian music scene, I’m so sorry!

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