Boo hoo.

Not feeling at all well today, thus the Japanese lunch I had with my cousins was not that satisfying.

I have a sore throat, slight dizziness and a bit of a temperature. Hopefully, with Panadols and prayers, I will get well soon.

Anyway.. Something is going on with the administrator of a Yahoo! Group belonging to CIS 20. He seems to be very adamant in closing the group down. I have expressed my views that it does not hurt to keep it open, besides it makes it easy for all of us to contact each other. He still believes in closing it down as he says that there are other places like Friendster to stay in touch. I doubt that everyone has a Friendster account.

Just because most of us are graduating in May does not mean that there is no use to stay in contact by keeping that group open.

I already bowed out of the conversation, but I’m still feeling a bit disappointed that he was sporting that attitude.


7 responses to “Boo hoo.

  1. hope u feel better soon my moley! x

  2. Feel better soon! Lots of water! :)

  3. recover soon tins…remember empire awaits us! mwahs*

  4. Aiii. sian jua kau gorgeous.. kan damam kali.. get well soon k!!

  5. Damam ko tina?? sian.. drink plenty of water..

    I totally agree on you sal the yahoo groups.. And did you read the email today?.. He will not close down the group.. isnt that great?!! CIS 20 yahoo groups still alive.. Hehe

  6. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii japanese lunch. japanese lunch. *belaing mata*

  7. Tiq, Sha, Mamalobengs: thank you! I’m feeling much better now. :D

    Izzah, Empire awaits us indeed! Can’t wait for Wednesday! :)

    Sel, hahaha, yea, he’s not closing it down. I hope he got my “menyamal” tone. LOL. I seriously gave up on him. Thankfully, Saypol pandai talk him into not closing it down.

    Faz, awuuu, Japanese lunch that I didn’t get to appreciate. Sigh.

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