Being random makes my head spin

It’s now the midweek.. What are my plans for today? I was supposed to sleep in until close to midday again, but I woke up for Subuh with a bang and now I can’t sleep. LOL. It wasn’t a big bang, I just sat up and said, “Yes, you can only hear it on the Pilihan Network.”

Overworked much?

I just realized (after waking up like that) that I had worked on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully, I won’t be working again until Friday. And then the cycle would start again.

You know anything about cycles? Vicious ones?

I hate those. I hate how people say, “It’s a vicious cycle.” I wonder if people would start saying, “It’s a sick cycle carousel.” Can you just tell I love Lifehouse’s first album? No Name Face was an amazing album, especially with Simon. I remembered when I was depressed, I’d listen to Jason Wade’s soothing vocals to calm me down.

Thankfully, I now turn to Allah. :)

So nearly everyone’s been talking about how their 2006 went. I promised myself I won’t do that this year. It was a fabulous year, but I won’t mess it up by writing about it. When I write, — I mean obviously, right? — I tend to put in all the bad things as well, and sometimes I won’t realize at first that there were so many bad things, and I’d end up a bit disappointed that 2006 wasn’t so fabulous after all.

Or maybe there’s just something wrong with me.

Sigh. You know what? This turned out to be a very random post. I’ll just put up some Shakira song in here.


I fell in love with Illegal right when I first saw a part of the video when the lover hugged another woman. Did I get that right? Whatever, enjoy the music anyway! :)

<edit> I didn’t know Michelle Branch was married, let alone had a baby in 2005! </edit>


6 responses to “Being random makes my head spin

  1. I love Shakira’s song and video too. :) And wow, Michelle Branch is married? I didn’t know that hehe.

  2. LOL! At least it was something you said when you woke up. I did a bridge pose WHILE I was asleep. LOL. I was half-awake, so was aware I did it. Woke up laughing at myself at the very thought of it. I’m beginning to sleep yoga now. LOL!

    Ooh, didn’t know she’s tied the knot and gave birth. Keep em coming Tinz, huhu.

  3. War, Illegal is lawa, right? Hehe. And yea! Michelle Branch is married!

    Manz, hahahaha, how did THAT happen? Yoga overkill. Hehehe. (Yea, MB has. And to think it was shocking that she sports a tattoo now.)

  4. I loveee Lifehouse as well….. *gonna go thru my mp3s archives nie* now i missss their songs heeh

  5. Coz it’s you and meeeee~ Haha. Apanya Rosie ah :p Btw, miss Tina, I’ve linked you up. :)

  6. Rosie, they are brilliant, aren’t they? No Name Face is better than the new one, in my opinion.

    Dalila, linked you back! :)

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