We’ll set him loose on the mic. Again.

Videos! Of Mamalobengs singing! Fabulous! :D (The first one’s from Emma’s blog, and the other one is from Nonnie’s.)

Something is definitely wrong with my connection, everything is just loading so slow!

Speaking of something wrong, my phone stopped receiving messages from the 30th of December. Usually, I would ignore this as I don’t have that many people texting me all the time, but when my cousin told me that she texted me twice with no reply, I switched the phone off (I don’t know why I do this, but it seems to work miracles all the time.) When I switched it back on, the screen showed “11 NEW MESSAGES”. I was irritated by that. First, a slow connection, then my phone was acting up.

I’m going to have to calm myself down because tomorrow might be a good day. InshaAllah. ;D

By the by, I’ve got a PayPal account! (Just felt like telling, heehee.)

Also, I’m Pilihan’s Retro girl! LOL. No more 80s and 90s, it’s 50s to 90s! Greater range, and better songs! Loving the new year so far, because producers have been introducing new things. And the teaser promo to Talentime ’07 is FANTASTIC! It’s so creative and not lame! I love it! You have to tune in to catch it. I’ll definitely be playing a lot of that!


2 responses to “We’ll set him loose on the mic. Again.

  1. one word – WOW! ( a good wow btw. infact a great one!) Especially love her singing If I Aint Got You. Bravo!

  2. Ohh, it gave me the chills! She’s soooo good!

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