Where did I go wrong?

You know what I like about Aidil Adha? The takbir goes on for three days. And I love it. So, still, a Selamat Hari Raya to you all, and a happy new year 2007.

I can’t say I’m not tired, because I am. I AM KNACKERED. I woke up early today — 9.30AM, yea, that’s early — to get ready for work.. and I finished work at 1PM. Work was surprisingly pleasant today, I didn’t know why. And somehow I’m motivated to present better. No more stumbling on words and if there is, I should recover gracefully and never apologize profusely when making a small mistake. Maybe that’s one of my resolutions. But maybe not, because once I consciously make it as a resolution, it’ll end up forgotten — or simply ignored.

Headed straight to my uncle’s place after work because his grandson is having his first birthday party, and they rented bouncers! I somehow had the urge to really get myself on the sliding one, so I brought extra clothes. And I’m glad I did because I had tons of fun! It was raining and we had the garden hose all to ourselves (hehe.)

We were soaking wet by the time we were done — and my cousin, Qil, kept on saying, “Last ni, last! Banar!” (Must’ve said that five times!) — but we still had the energy to go out for dinner. We had sushi at Excapade and had our desserts at Swensen’s. We fell in love with someone’s voice over our regular-sized Earthquake (8 scoops of ice cream and 3 of them were Sticky Chewy Chocolate!) and were smitten from then on.

It was a fantastic day all in all, and dare I say, my holidays so far have been very eventful, and I’m looking forward to the days when I get bored and go, “Ugh, I need to get a life!” Until then, I’m immensely enjoying myself.

Now, now, I promised that I’ll put pictures of the Girly Bloggers’ Night up.. but I’ll just put one up, yea? Because this is my favourite. It’s when some of us went home already, but we stayed behind for a bit and we decided to be the camwhores that we were. Heehee.

Click here for a larger image.

P.S.: I watched the video of Saddam’s execution (genuine or not) and somehow I’m sad of what’s to become of this world. As clichéd as that might sound.


4 responses to “Where did I go wrong?

  1. Happy new year Tina!! I am still gearing myself up to watch the video of Saddam’s execution. I’ve been told it’s pretty nasty.

  2. Happy new year, Sha! :D

    I don’t know about nasty, but it’s.. a bit shocking.

  3. Nice picture!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks, Wang Ee! Happy new year to you too! :)

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