SHR Aidil Adha

Before I start, I would like to wish all Muslims around the world who reads this blog a very SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA! Hopefully you will not immerse yourself in too much celebrations that do not have anything to do with Hari Raya. Inda kuasa nya orang tua.

Anyway! MY7THLIFE.NET is back up! :D To those who changed links already, worry not, both my babies ( and MY7THLIFE.NET) will direct you to this blog. I am the happy bunny. I told you it would be back up. :)

Moving on to a more pressing topic.. I’m sure you’ve already read most of the Girly Blogger’s Night participants’ posts. I’m surprised how some of the girls still have the strength and determination to blog about it after most of us went home. I could barely even look at the computer screen!

So last night was a fabulous event, I can’t erase the memories yet. Emmagoodegg was the best host I’ve ever had, she made me very comfortable in her house — I’m sure others felt comfortable too. She had this really nice voice. I want a voice like that. Zimmy, Emma’s son, is a very well-mannered boy!

Another person who made an impact on me (aiseh) was MAMALOBENGS! (Or simply, Ka Najwa.) She is so pretty in real life, her face was glowing! She is a good entertainer with a lovely voice. She entertained us with her singing, and I nearly wanted to cry because she sang so beautifully. She is now one of my favourite people! :D

I’ve sworn to the other girl bloggers that I’m going to be leeching off the pictures from their blogs, so I’m still waiting for them to post those pictures. I’m going to collect them all before putting them up. (Hurry up, Mizi! :P)

[P.S.: I was told that someone reads this blog, so I’m just going to choose and put in the pictures that depict my goody-two-shoes-ness. So that the boyfriend would think I was a goody-two-shoes back at the GBN. Hahaha.]

I had dim sum with these two and went straight to Izzah’s to have another Taboo session. Amni still holds the title of the funniest guesser.

Amani: Something that goes ‘ribbit’.

Jangan marah, Amz, you know we sayang you. xoxo.

Too knackered tonight to post properly, but I promise to post pictures as soon as I can.


8 responses to “SHR Aidil Adha

  1. hahahahahhahaha amz is the queen of taboo! :D :D

  2. Wow Tina.. you’re my favourite person in the whole entire 10 or 11 planets too minus pluto of course!.. huhu.. hey, the compliments are OVERRATED and a tad exaggerated lah but thanks anyways love *blushing all the way*.. You’re gorgeous yourself gurl!.. Bah eh, nanti lagi becerita ah kalat mata ku sudah..huhuh.. such a sweetheart!!

  3. Awu baik/lawa/pandai menyanyi tu Dang Ajah Najwa atu.. pokoknya.. aku pun suka ia.

    Bah bila sushi, Naj? Hehe

  4. Yatahkan lawa bah suara MamaJLo ah. sampai ai menyasal bnr ku inda merakam suaranya ah.. dapat dilaung2kan keudara di rangkaian NurIslam.

    Naj – ur a darling! Bah nanti tani minum2 ah.. tani angkut c Jian ah… Tina u join too..

  5. Azian – Bah bila sushi ah? hehe aku ON bila2 masa yooo..

    ZT- Definitely angkut Tina and Jian cos Jian will be paying for food.. huhuhu..

    Love you guys.. you guys are the greatest love of all.. aaapakan!!!

  6. aku ikut sushi aaaa ;P

  7. eh eh waitseminit! this ‘Jian’ wouldn’t be paying for the food la. mana ada org puji aku pun!

  8. Izzah, YES! Though she’s more of Queen Pacah of Taboo. Hahaha.

    Mamalobengs, you were beautifully glowing and when you sang, it was soooo touching, I nearly cried. Seriously. Hehehe, bah, angkut me anywhere pun I will ikut.

    Ka Zian, awu.. Bah, maritah tani semua suka ia! Hehe. (And what’s this about you paying? DEFINITELY IKUT! LOL.)

    Ka Ety, you should’ve! I was too stunned (in a good way) to do anything else but gasp and go “AWWHHHH!”

    Rosie, haha, bah, maritah tani semua sushi.

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