Opposite of blonde is BruNet!

Isn’t Mr. Morrison’s song in the last post just divine? I love it, it’s such a feel good song. Definitely going to play it for tomorrow morning’s show.

Anyway, I had fun yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was out searching for gifts with Maurina and Amie Heidi, and met up at SupaSave in Beribi. Ness came too! But just for a bit. Which was a surprise. She is more poised than what I imagined her to be, and more soft-spoken. She is just adorable.

Amy Heidi had gone home, if I’m not mistaken, after or during Maghrib. Maurina and I continued our outing by being absolute girls. (On a side note, threading hurts! But will definitely do it again.) Did I mention evil? We are evil girls. LOL. We dropped by Rosie’s house to wrap the gifts when Lisa joined in! :D Watched a little bit of Elizabethtown, which I didn’t get at all, because we were watching the last bits of it, in efforts of persuading Lisa to stay a bit longer. Hehe. (I have to say, Lisa has a knack of wrapping gifts!)

AND ROSIE GAVE ME EUPHORIA! Not the feeling, the perfume! To Rosie: thank youuuuuuuuu!~ :D

So today.. OH WOW. I had buckets and pails of fun today.

Although, at first, it wasn’t so much fun because I had to replace the car’s front end of the license plate. The whole thing seemed to be broken off. Yea, the whole thing! Had to replace it for B$15. Money not well-spent. Could’ve spent the $15 on salmon sashimi because I went to lunch with my sister at Excapade today. That was when things started looking up.

Most of my sushi didn’t fall into pieces and a colleague texted me that pay was out! Imagine, I was waiting for my school allowance and instead, out comes December pay! Boy, did that ever brighten up my day.

After dropping my sister off to my cousins’ place, went to Izzah’s place to play Taboo. Amni and Amani was there, with a couple of their friends. It was so hilarious. Playing Taboo, I mean. There was this instance when Amani was trying to describe the given word, which was BLONDE.

Amani: Uhh.. Opposite of brunette!
Amni: JTB?

PAHAM KAMU KAH? Hahahahaha. Ia pikir BruNet bah. It took us two seconds to figure out why Amni had said JTB! And it wasn’t even the opposite of BruNet. ROFL.

That was the highlight of the day, really.


10 responses to “Opposite of blonde is BruNet!

  1. U r welcome babe… And i had fun wrapping gifts n bullying u gals at d same time hehe…. Ill c u tonite.. I think i need to do some mantainence work on myself before the partayyy layterr…. I havent been to d salon in agessss……

  2. bush…! heheehehehhehehe. Amani gives out crazy clues!

  3. btw tins aku suka the pics u took using my phone!! thanksssssssssssssss more of those trow k? xoxo

  4. LOL! gosh, pacah pacah!

    Girl: Ummm… when’s my birthday?!?!
    Me: Uhh, August! I don’t know (Don’t really kenal you yet.) LOL

    I can imagine how Wani would be like if she plays this. Huhu

  5. Izzah, *do the hand thing* WHAT IS THIS?


    Manz, hahaha, don’t we just wish we had Wani over?

  6. Based on your blog, TelBru has decided to press charges on the perpetrator of this slander.


    Eh adakah patut!! *tsk*tsk*

  7. Hahaha, it was hilarious!

  8. more tabooooo pleaassee! heheh :D

  9. Hey. I just realised you’re the ‘rare’ ones who spell BruNet with a capital N. No wonder I love you!

  10. Izzah, nanti tah lagi, sabaarrr.. Hehehe. I have tons of time to spare since I don’t have school anymore. Hehe. :D

    Ka Zian, hahahaha, I love you too!~

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