Speaking of braces..

I was listening to the main news bulletin on the radio, and I keep on convincing myself that Azrul’s slight lisp is because of braces. He’s never had a lisp before. Nor do I know him any other way than on TV via the studio whenever he reads the radio news. (I rarely watch news unless Frankie is on, hehe.)

Has he got braces, though?

So I was at Ka Ety’s son’s 2nd birthday party. (Actually 3rd, since Muz’im celebrated it twice this year. It might be 4th, who knows what he did last year, hehe.) And Ka Ety has pictures! I took just one, hehe.


Pretty Pixies all in a row. Pity I’m just the ‘mascot’. Haha.

I just realized that I was wearing all black that day. In the past, I was conscious of this, because black was my favourite colour, and I wanted every thing I own to be black, but my mom forbade black baju kurongs when I was younger because it made me look morbid. She said young teens should look at least a shade above dull.

The only person whom I know has her whole wardrobe in black is Amy Zuriana. Anyone remember her? Until now, I’ve never really seen her in non-black attire unless she was particularly asked (by some authority). I remember she was wearing dark green when we were sent to Singapore for a youth camp. LOL.


6 responses to “Speaking of braces..

  1. thanks for coming doll!.. Muz’im could be 18 already.. who knows how many candles he has blown.. he always managed to blow his cousins’ b’day candles as well…

    More invitations nanti lagi ahhh…

  2. but seriously wat happened to yer ol blog? sayang jua..

  3. Ahhh, the classic “I’m gonna blow them candles out because he looks like he’s too chicken to do it” move. Gotta love that one. Hehe. Thanks for the invite, see you this Friday, inshaAllah.

    Oh, and about my old domain, I’m going to change name servers and point it to this blog. What happened to the old one? Well, let’s just say I’m an impulsive online shopper. ;)

  4. Oh, darn specs. I look weird pulang. I miss wearing contacts, but they can be a pain too. See you later for taboo? InsyaAllah, I’ll be there :)


  6. Haha, inda jua weird tu, Manz.

    Izzah, HAHAHA! BRUNET!

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