I can’t think of a long title

Posting up audio in here, and I hope this works!


And it does! :) (Enjoy James Morrison!)


I need to think of a long title. I want to try out this new feature that WordPress.com has introduced. Moving in permanently to WordPress.com is now very appealing. Look at it this way, I don’t have to update to a newer version of WordPress on my own, because it’ll be updated by the most helpful people at WordPress ever. And I can just fix up my MY7THLIFE.NET domain to point to WordPress.com! Now, if only my host would co-operate nicely. In which they haven’t, and it sucks. I feel like being sent from one office to another. Red tape is what this is. RED TAPE!

Okay, moving on to the next topic that I really want to talk about. This comment and this one on this post. I consider Miss Maurina lucky, even though they did not identify themselves, but at least they make their opinions known and to your face. I have been in the same situation, but the person who was unhappy with me talked behind my back. And s/he talked a lot. I ended up knowing about it because Brunei is small, and the Brunei blogosphere is smaller.

How did it feel? Oh, don’t let me start. It felt absolutely amazing! Not. I was bitter throughout the ‘healing process’, and I didn’t know what I did wrong. And all I did was talk about my job. What I freakin’ do for a living. Punya sakit hati.. Only Allah knows what I went through and how I felt. I respected him/her so much, all I wanted was not to be talked about. Sigh.

But let’s move on. I honestly think that they shouldn’t have said it that way. I did a “How to give constructive criticism” segment on my 829 show tonight, and “full of yourself”, I think, falls under the personal attack category. The second comment was better, but it still needs improvement. In my opinion, she wasn’t being too proud of herself.

I guess people can’t handle those who have achieved a lot. I envy her, actually. Being sponsored a ticket to India! Plus free accomodation! Maybe that’s why they aren’t happy, thus non-constructive criticism was thrown her way? Maybe.. who knows.

By the way! December’s Girly Blogger’s Night Out is soon! It’s this Friday evening! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I’ll be meeting new people.. and that scares me. Haha.

Post again soon. And maybe it’ll be a little less angry. ;)


2 responses to “I can’t think of a long title

  1. saya pon nerbos ni nerboss!!! haha bail out ku krg!!.. uwaaaaa…

  2. Ehh jangantah nervous, you’ve already met a handful of us, so you’ve got a full support system here. Hehe.

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