Three nil.

I could have sworn that I would be awake at 9AM really groggy. Instead, I awoke to someone’s alarm and now.. I cannot go back to sleep. (Even though my mom told me to go back to sleep! Surprise, surprise!)

I spent most of my day yesterday fishing and having barbecued dinner with some of my former classmates, the intake 20s. I’ve never gone fishing before, and my first time yesterday was so much fun. Even though it wasn’t using a fishing rod, and I didn’t catch anything, but it was still fun. My friends and I were having a blast with our live bait, in which one of them got its head bitten off, another one either slipped off the hook or got eaten whole, meanwhile my own live bait died. We all think that I took it unawares and drowned in the process. LOL.

I mean, casting the line was the hardest (but funniest) part. I think it died right there and then.

Maghrib came and passed, we then had a small barbecue, just chicken on the grill. Of course, we had other food like huge, fried prawns with hot soya sauce dip (YUMMY!), though the dip came a little late, and we only had the chance of dipping a few prawns in it. My friends Mia and Ratz, being the weirdos that they were (haha), sipped the dip as if it was soup! When the dip was taken away, Mia had this look on her face, and we all made fun of it, thinking that Mia probably will probably have withdrawal symptoms soon.

Did I mention that we ate underneath the stars by the river? We did. It was the best part of the night, to tell you the truth.

I had the time of my life yesterday.

Mia, Ratz, Sufie, Bexx (who was missing at the barbecue) and I continued to hang out at Taurean in Kiulap, watching the DPMM FC match with Selangor, while Mia, Ratz and Bexx were trying to teach me all about being offside. I think I understood a bit. I never quite got it in the past, but I think I got it. I think. Then the channel was changed to the one of Manchester United against Aston Villa, I think? (I found out from a colleague working on MV this morning that Man. Utd. won! Yeay!) We went home 25 minutes into the match, though.

And I found myself knackered on the bed, sleeping. Now I’m here. Wide awake. I think I’m just going to take a shower and see if I can bring myself to sleep after that. I’ve got work in a few hours.


5 responses to “Three nil.

  1. Hehehe and im going to pantai muara tomorrow babe… But there wont b any stars cos it’ll b in d morning… Pfffttt….. Ive never done any fishing before either… Did u use worm as ur bait??

  2. Hahaha. Aku mimpi aku kan cari fishing spot di malam. Hahaha. I think sal liat personal msg mu atu kali. Hahaha.

  3. Ah there you are! I was wondering what happened to your site! lol :)

  4. last, kejumpahan wonder lah nda dpt visit ur net site..rupa2nya dsini udahh..alalalal~ lucky im an ‘amai’ person..katik sna, katik sini..hehehee ;p

  5. Rosie, awwh, hope you enjoyed your trip to the beach! There are stars, tapi inda nampak. Haha, majal. But I love the beach when it’s not so hot. Anyway, we used shrimps as bait.

    Atul, hahaha, rindu ko kan aku kah? Hehe.

    Sha! Hello! :) Yes, it’s a bit hard to communicate with my host to make my domain point to this blog. Hassle much?

    Dena, hehehe, yes, I haven’t moved per se, but I’ll be blogging here for the moment. Welcome! :)

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