Harry Potter..

.. and The Deathly Hallows

That’s the title for the last installment of Harry Potter books. Thanks.

Really looking forward to the release of that. Planning to re-read from book one to six now, hahaha. ;)

For those who haven’t read Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (book 6), there is a spoiler in the comments! You have been warned. :)


9 responses to “Harry Potter..

  1. i tried reading the HP books… i gave up hehehe cos its too thick and since ive seen the movies.. mcm asal baca.. eh i know whats gonna happen… heee so malastah kan baca tu…

  2. i dun read books. hehe. malas bah. well i used to rajin tapi makin “muda” makin malas :P but i love HP movies.. i cant wait the latest to come!

  3. Oooh, I’m looking forward to that too. Although I haven’t finished book 6. I have a habit of reading books halfway, and leave it lying on the bedside table when I’m busy to open it. When I want to resume reading it, I’ve forgotten what had happen so have to read it from the beginning, and the cycle continues. LOL.

    Btw, hope you don’t mind me linking to this new site of urs. :)

  4. Ps. Who do you reckon is gonna die in the last book. I think I have an idea who might, with a capital T. Hehehe

  5. Rosie & Fizz, I absolutely adore Harry Potter books, all of them! The first book was marvelous because everything is just so new to you, it was literally like discovering something magical. ;)

    Manz, GO FINISH BOOK 6! Hahaha. Also, I don’t know who is going to die, but I hope it’ll be worth the read. They say JK Rowling’s going to kill off two main characters. Eeps! Like I said, I seriously hope that the deaths will be worthwhile and not just, “AH? IA TAH GANYA TU?!” kinds of death. Hehe.

  6. i LOVE the harry potter books! the movies are nowhere near as good as the books. can’t wait for the final book either. i hope it has a better ending than the last one. even when i got to the last page, i was waiting for dumbledore to come back to life tapi inda jua hehe

  7. Whoops, ada spoiler! Hahaha. But you are right, though, Di, I was hoping he would magically resurrect himself.. I mean, he can’t just die like that, right? He’s the most powerful wizard! I hope there are good surprises in the new book. Dark, fine with me, but hopefully good surprises.

    I was disappointed with the third movie, Prisoner of Azkaban. The original man who played Dumbledore died before the third movie and the new guy is just not Dumbledore enough. He raises his voice, and I didn’t like it. And Prisoner of Azkaban was my favourite book! Sigh.

    Hopefully, it has a reeeaaalllyyy good ending, the seventh book.

  8. whoops sorry abt the spoiler, i keep assuming everyone’s read the books by now hehe

  9. If it wasn’t for Miss Lazy Turtle, I would have assumed that everyone’s done reading the book as well! Hehe.

    Don’t worry about it, I’ve posted up a spoiler warning, hehe.

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