CIS Rocks

Here’s a random thought: if there’s a DVD boxset of The O.C., season 4, then I’ll definitely buy it. But not in a rush. I didn’t even complete season 3, because it bored the socks off me. Unfortunately, so did One Tree Hill’s season 4. Boring with a capital B. I’m already done with watching Grey’s Anatomy’s season 3 up until the latest episode that I have (the one where they separated siamese twins, which had a sweet ending with those twins), and I’m trying to watch Heroes. Yea, you read right, trying. I’m not too motivated with it.

Did I mention my feelings on season 2 of Prison Break? (Wah, feeling segala.) Can someone please spice things up? I got bored with that too, I’d rather Schofield be stuck in Fox River and scheme his way out all over again. And he doesn’t look so hot in normal clothes. Prefer him in those prison clothes. Hahaha. I can be such a freak.

I’ve become a really big fan of Grey’s Anatomy now, I’m so scared I’ll get the boyfriend mad, haha. He hates it. I love it. I don’t like some aspects of the show, but I find myself wanting more out of it. I don’t like McDreamy. I think I’ve already established that point. I like McSteamy, but I think I would prefer him without the facial hair. But still living up to his name nonetheless.

All right, enough about television. I’m bored with that topic as it is.

Let’s talk about people! And their state of overratedness. Haha. Well, there is this one person whom everyone seems to love. However, my friend and I could see through his/her façade, and we don’t like him/her much. Tolerance level, out of 10, is probably 5. With his/her case, it’s best to adopt the “ignorance is bliss” motto. People think s/he is so funny, but I don’t. When s/he speaks, I think, “Oh my GOD. Can you please stop?” This is mean, I know. But being the typical Bruneian that I am, I hate confrontations. I don’t like to point out to people or be stark honest with them and say, “Hey, can you please tone down your melampau-ness?”

But seriously. This person is so effing overrated, I feel like screaming.

Enough about that too, because I’m getting bored with it. I want to talk about my department in ITB: the department of Computing and Information Systems. Ever since we’ve gotten our results and we look forward to our graduation in May (and maybe the MRS in March), we have been overzealous and decided to use our roll numbers (sort of like a student ID) on our nicks on MSN! Want to see? :D


All right, all right, you have to click here to view the larger image. Please note that personal messages, images and e-mails have been erased from the original print screen. Hehe. But I like how it looks. I’m so proud of CIS, really, I am


10 responses to “CIS Rocks

  1. I second you. CIS rocks! Haha. Cool kamu buat catu ah. I have 3 of you on my list, which is siuk enough to see. Hahaha!

  2. CIS Rocks!!!! Proud to be one too.
    CP/18/32/02. Sheessh… It took me awhile to remember my roll no. Die..

  3. Atul, if you see a lot more, it’ll be nicer. Hehe. I’m loving how it looks!

    Nonnie, hell yea! Hehe. So you must have been around when I first stepped into ITB, since you’re intake 18! I just didn’t see you! Hehe, too bad. So close, yet so far.

  4. apa intake number ku banar ah.. IS/19/… inda ku ingat. Hahah.

  5. Awu ah, ko dulu CIS jua ah, Tul? Hehe. Cool. Nonnie’s intake 18, ko intake 19, aku intake 20! That is just too cool!


  6. adeh. Bexx is on your list jua. Haha. Padantah, intake number rupanya tu. Bangang ku pasal he’s the only one in my list. Hehe.

  7. Awu, hahaha, we’re a proud (but harmless) bunch!

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  9. That’s not true Tina. I was there when you just came into ITB. I’m still there from July to Dec 2004.

    And I was there during you guys orientation. But I’m the inactive senior so that’s why you don’t remember me, I think?

  10. Ohh yea.. I’ve seen intake 18 seniors before.. Hehe. Too bad. We could’ve known each other for ages! (Well, a semester or two, hehe.)

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