Anna Molly

OH MY GOD. Eric Dane is MARRIED? And to Rebecca Gayheart, nonetheless! I just remember her from Urban Legend, and that’s enough to last me until the next ten years.


Sigh. McSteamy is taken. (Resisted the urge to type McTaken. ROFL.)

Played netball today. I missed it so much. I didn’t fancy nor do I miss the shortness of breath, no sirree. But I loved it. The game makes me feel alive, what with playing it with my girls from ITB. ;) And with Atul and her friends! It was a fun afternoon, followed by dinner at CA Mohd. in Gadong. I swore that if the girls were to go to the branch opposite The Mall, I’d have to turn them down. There was some stuff going on that I’d rather not mention. Yet.

So after everyone went back after dinner, Mia, Ratz, Bexx, and I went to The Mall to check out some of Charles & Keith’s shoes. Not much, unfortunately. The fun was when we were searching for a place to park Mia’s car. It was so much fun, with all the laughter and everything. I really love most of my classmates, and I’m really looking forward to graduating with them in May. (If I said March in any of my posts, then forgive me, I was wrong. It’s in May 2007!) I’m happy. :)

Reckong the endorphins from netball match still inside? Heehee.

Here’s a song you can get a listen to this time, Anna Molly by Incubus. The “anomaly” bits of the song sticks in your head after a few spins of the track. LOL. (Though it reminds me of Database Management Systems. Heh.)


8 responses to “Anna Molly

  1. Oh yes. Netball does have that effect on you yeah? When you caught the ball, or when you threw a good pass, or when you snatched the ball from your opponent. Man.. that game definitely rocks!

    Hahaha. CA Mohd yang dapan mall malu ko, ke mall inda ko malu? HAHAHA! Bercanda banar eh. Hahaha.

  2. It does, doesn’t it? I love that game. But only when I play okay. If I have a bad game, it doesn’t have a so good effect on me. And, oh, I’m having trouble sleeping, thanks to your stories!

    Oh, no, no.. nothing to do with The Mall, it’s the branch of CA Mohd. itself. Some bad thing happened to my family and I there. Ish, boycotting that branch from now on.

  3. really? is the CA Mohd there that bad? coz i was actually thinking of giving it a try hehe the decor inside mcm lawa

  4. awuu nda nyaman!! soup nya inda nyaman.. i didnt even finish my roti telor last time!! i even forgot to blog about it! *lol* thats for un-yummy it was Di!! so jgn tah kesanaa heee….

  5. McDreamy kawin sudah kah? mudahan tah inda eh. (hahaha AS IF)

  6. Kamu netball!! And you have a wordpress blog! Hehe. Anyway, congratulations on graduating. McSteamy why Rebecca Gayheart? Inda sais! Heh.

  7. Di, it’s not so much bad food, but really poor service. Really, really poor. I’ll talk about it in a post soon.

    Emma, hahaha, roti telurnya inda brapa nyaman pulang, but it was all right, compared to the service! Heh.

    Nees, McDreamy? Hmm. To me, maybe? LOL. Nah, I wouldn’t be interested in McDreamy. Not so much. I don’t know, nanti tah I’ll break the bad news to you when the time is right, hehehe. ;)

    War, awu! We played netball! Ikut? Hehehe. Today we’re playing at UBD. And yes! I have a blog! I’ve always had it for username purposes, hehe. Thanks for the congratulatory message, and YEA, McSteamy! Why Rebecca Gayheart?!

    Kalau sama aku kan sais….~ *giggles*

  8. Lah..I guess I’ll have to wait two more weeks. Insya-Allah ada ku ikut netball nanti if you guys are still playing heh.

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