Same Same

Okay, it was sort of silly of me to not realize that Same Same was Bob and Clint Moffatt! When my cousin whom I brought to the movies with me yesterday had said that they were The Moffatts, I said, “But The Moffats broke up, and Same Same only has two guys in it.” Yea, I saw the thumbnail of the cover of their album, but I didn’t really care at the time. All I wanted was to get a hold on their song, Without You, with Jaclyn Victor from the movie, Cinta.

So my quest of actually finding out whether or not my cousin had got his facts right, I searched online. He was right, well, literally half right. Half of The Moffatts make up Same Same. So I browsed further, and stumbled upon several articles on Wikipedia, and found out, Dave Moffatt was gay. Read more here. Interesting to know that things are still going on after they’ve broken up. Actually, I never knew that a music group comprising fully of brothers could ever break up.

Just so you know, I was a big fan of The Moffatts.


9 responses to “Same Same

  1. i was a big fan of moffatts too! my fave song is misery. huhu ~ sampai ani i still can sing moffatts.

  2. Hahaha, I preferred Who Do You Love from their Submodalities album. :D

  3. tpi y are they called ‘Same Same’ now? R they same, kan?

  4. They’re called Same Same because they’re the identical twins from the triplets. And they were in Thailand and they were called “same same” because they look alike.

    No longer The Moffatts (nor Hidell, that was short-lived), so dorang dua saja lah.

  5. oh wow.. i thought ‘same same’ is an indonesian band haha… mcm samsons atu… cos the other version of ‘without you’ is by Audy feat. Same Same…

    so i thought indonesian!!

  6. I thought Thai, actually, because I first saw them at a Thai event on TV, then I changed to another channel before they even spoke! I knew they were Same Same, though. Didn’t realize it was part of a band that I used to idolize. LOL.

  7. I knew half of the Moffats jadi Same Same but it didn’t click when I heard one of the soundtracks from ‘Cinta’ were sung by Same Same. Dorang tah sudah tu panya. Pikirtah a Malaysian band. Heh. I also liked Moffats but I forgot their song yang supposedly my favourite. In the video one of them was like writing the song for this girl..ahh I don’t remember anymore heh.

  8. Ohh? I just knew they became Hidell, hehehe. I think your favourite song is I Miss You Like Crazy. ;)

  9. Haha that’s right. I’m going to download the video now. Hehe.

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