Natural woman

You make me feel~ You make me feel~ You make me feel like a natural woman~

Love that song, don’t you?

So I was reading something online, and someone was clearly talking about something s/he didn’t have a good idea about. S/He made assumptions people’s reactions and voiced his/her opinions immaculately, I have to add. It was aggravating, though, that an assumption on people’s reactions were made so blasé.

If you don’t know what is happening, and why people are reacting that way, then we don’t need what you think. Talk to the people, ask them to justify their actions and/or words that were said and done, then talk about what you think about it.

Oops, did I go overboard again?

(It just dawned on me that I’m a HND holder!)

And I love the scent of this. Buy one for me, please?


10 responses to “Natural woman

  1. babe… u want CK Euphoria? seriously? hehe or is that the new edition of ck euphoria?

    when’s ur birthday? :)

    bah ill give u one hehehe… (actually i bought it,then the scent gave me a headache..)

  2. I don’t know if it’s the new edition, but are you seriously going to give me the one you bought? You sure you don’t want me to buy it off you?

    I love the scent of it, even my mom said she didn’t like it. Hehe, but I do. :D

  3. Ive used it a couple of times keke so its not nice if i sell it to you. Will bring it nanti. No worries babe.

  4. oh my god babe!!! mauu sudaaahh i stretched the ‘recent comments’!! and for that u deserve TWO bottles of perfumes!!!!!!….. i am so so so so happppyyy!!!!!….. *hugssssss*….. thanks babe!! thanks a lot!!

  5. You are welcome! :D Gosh, I’m so excited for you! Hehe.

  6. Hehehe it doesnt take a lot to please me i guess… I get excited over tiny little things *lol*

    bahh updatee hehehe btw stay on wordpress sajalah.. I love ur wordpress layout.. N the header also cool.. Next time teach me how to do that….

  7. Love love love this song.. btw, thansk for the youtube tip!!

  8. Mamalobengs, you’re welcome! :D

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