I have officially ended my 30-month journey in the lovely and never will be forgotten Institut Teknologi Brunei. Final year results were out today. What I predicted to be 1 distinction, 3 merits and 3 passes turned out to be 4 merits and 3 passes. What a disappointment that I didn’t get that one distinction.

I know, at least I passed. I got that from nearly everyone already. But.. a lecturer of mine gave me such high hopes of making a very high merit (79.3) to a low distinction (80). Alas, seeing that M (merit) for that unit brought such a disappointment to me, I do not have a clear idea why.

Yes, alhamdulillah, at least I am better off than a few other people. But I worked real hard for that one unit and seeing it still stay as a merit disappointed me so bad, I had this look on my face that my friend, Sel, was worried about. She, on the other hand, got 1 distinction and 6 merits.

So to my other classmates who passed and will be graduating with me this March, A BIG, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS is in order. I hope we will still be as close as we were in those 30 months we worked together.

It has been a very enjoyable journey, and I couldn’t think of better people to ride it out with. Thank you to my lecturers for all the praises, criticisms, and especially your support during these years.

I have to say, my second year was better than my first, because I learned how to handle the stress in a good way.

I want to especially thank my lecturers Dr./Ms. Sophiana, Sir Hj. Idham, Sir Hj. Rudy, Sir Hj. Yussof, Mr. Frankie, P.K. Wong, Sir Hj. Noah, Miss Jennifer, Sir Hj. Sharul, Ms. Wida, Ms. Sy Mey, Ms. Serina, Miss Mardiyah, Mr. Au, Sir Hamdani, and every other lecturer that have taught me and I may have forgotten to mention. I owe guys you my HND.

Congratulations once again to CIS department intake 20 for passing and getting their HND!

(All in all, this post ended in a happy note, didn’t it? :))


13 responses to “4M3P

  1. Congrats my fellow juniors. And now you girls better start finding cheap Jubahs to rent.

  2. congrats babe! :)

  3. Here u are! I’ve been clicking ur 7thlife link all this while.

    Congratulations! This calls for a celebration eh?

  4. Thanks, Nonnie, Nees and Ka Zian! :D

    Nonnie, I’m on the lookout now, hehehe.

    Ka Zian, yep, here’s my temporary blog residence. Hehe. Celebration is coming soon, inshaAllah. Don’t quite know when, yet.

  5. congrats :D

  6. hehe i know some ur lecturers eih :P they r mostly my intakes.. aiyah now i feel oh so much older haha..

    anyways.. congrats babe :)

    welcome to the working life~~.. oh wait.. u have been working.. *doh* hee

  7. Fizz, thank you! :D

    Rosie, yakah? Which ones? Hehe. (And thanks!)

    Faz, you found me! Thank you!~

  8. Wida hehe IF its d same wida tho. She took my place at UBD (for comp science) cos i changed my course hehe… But im not dat close wif her tho… She was a study-a-holic/nerd/geek… *erks* hehehehehe

  9. Rosie, it should be the same Wida. She went to Strathclyde, if you have any idea? Hehe. She’s one of the coolest lecturers I have. Got a merit on her subject once she took over. Hehe.

    Dee, thanks! :)

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