Sandy beaches

So my cousins and I went to have a barbecue at the beach yesterday.. At first, things were looking really gloomy for me. First, a bad night. Second, on the way to the beach part of the Muara beach (hehe), there were full of puddles, and in order for us to get through to our cousin and friends who didn’t get any one of the huts (presumably late), we had to go through it. Third, (YES! There’s a third!), it started to rain on us just as we arrived to our cousin’s hut-less space on the beach.

We were like headless chickens (or cockroaches, whichever rocks your boat), not knowing what to do. So Liz and I decided to go back to my car and get umbrellas. On our way back to the ‘space’, we found this semi-hut — which is a passageway and a resting spot, rather than a hut — and decided that we could have our barbecue there. Things started looking up from here.

More people turned up, with more food, obviously. Then my best friend turned up. (YEAY!) I haven’t seen her in months, and it was very refreshing to be talking to her again. We have this really good friendship that people in novels and magazines talk about, where you haven’t seen each other in ages and when you meet up again after all those while, you seem to have not left any months/years in between. My best friend and I have that. And I’m glad we did, because she’s one of the funniest people you can have around. Hehehe. And she is also part of my life support. What I meant was, she’s not only the friend whom you can have a good laugh with, but also cry buckets with.

We had a few deep conversations, and a lot of blonde moments on the beach. LOL. I desperately needed a laugh, because of the night I had. It was still drizzling after the rain, but we had our brollies, so my cousins, my best friend and I went for a walk on the beach. My cousins and their friends were taking pictures — shots, after shots, after shots — while I had a free pedicure. Haha. Okay, not really.

But I didn’t realize that walking on the beach with drizzling rain and an umbrella would be so peaceful. It wasn’t hot, so basically, it was great for me.

A great day out at the beach, then went out again at night, hanging out at Coffee Zone. Haven’t hung out in ages, seriously. Saw Bexx and a few of my other coursemates who are still doing their placement semester. All in all, it was a very good day. Definitely got my mind off of some mindless things. Hehe.

(P.S.: I’m just going to try embedding this YouTube video of Breaking Benjamin’s The Diary of Jane.)

Yeay! It works! :D


3 responses to “Sandy beaches

  1. rupanya! dari hari atu aku cuba hahaha. padantah inda mau. haiya.

  2. and i like the acoustic version of this (diary of jane).

  3. Hahaha awu, thanks for dropping by! :)

    Ah, I have yet to listen to that version. ;)

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